Hello 2018! 

Well folks 2017 was a shitty year for us, family berheavment, too much work and not enough play. Chris is back in a good place and writing again so that's great news. Below is a sample of a new song we are working on and there are two others that are more than 50% done too. In this video I am working on guitar parts using my Red Special and Axe Fx II.


Summer 2017

Well folks life always gets in the way and this year is racing by. Chris has been busy, stressed, on vacations and I have been trying to find the goods. The good news, Chris has a new acoustic song I recently sent him and he loves it. I am working on a 2nd acostic track too. Guitar porn is as below....Guyton is the man, plus Maxx!




Now available on iTunes!


Cold Cold Blue

This new song with lyrics written by Chris after the very sad and sudden passing of his Father has been the best receieved song we have ever recorded. Chris's father Les was a very quiet & kind man who probably did more to enable the band than anyone else by allowing us to rehearse at his house in the early years. Nothing gets done without help from your family and friends, it's so easy to forget that.